Our Services

Personal Helpdesk

ShareMyCircle is a tailor-made, personalized service. Our team is here to help you every step of the way during your entire wedding journey. Think of us as your own personal concierge. We’re here to make your wedding an unforgettable process and elevate your guests’ experience- even on your big day we are at your service.

Photo/Video Editing

Let us edit photos and/or videos from your big day for you.
If it can save you time or money, or if you just want more options than what you might already have, our team of top-notch experienced editors are here for you.
Our photo editors can offer a range of touch-up options as well as photo-manipulation services depending on the effect and aesthetic you’d like to have for your images.
We can edit your wedding into clips or short-film format videos that you can share with friends and family or on your social media. We can also edit your videos with more of a cinematic format to ensure we capture all the best parts of your wedding story so you can have something that you can cherish forever.