Share My Circle is fiancé-focused and designed with wedding couples in mind. You’ll find a great mix of features enabling wedding couples to enhance their guest experience and connect with their circle.

My Circle

A dedicated space for you to interact with your guests and for them to share moments they have captured of your special day. Too often, the wedding couple don’t get to see all the behind the scenes that goes on at your guests’ tables or those special moments between ceremonies that aren’t otherwise documented. Photos and videos that are taken by your guests often don’t get to be enjoyed by the wedding couple or are lost in a sea of other messages on mainstream communication platforms. The Circle puts an end to this and allows guests to easily share moments taken from your events in a simple and organized way. From DJ playlists to wedding speeches, all the best bits of your big day can be shared in The Circle.

Photo & Video

From first date to wedding day and everything in between, your personal feed allows you to extend your guest experience beyond just the ceremony. Share your journey as a couple and involve your close friends and family in the lead up to your big day. You can post moments from the prosal, bridal showers and grooms crew events as well! You can also share the beautiful professional images taken by your photographer of the ceremony and any pre-wedding shoots.


Making a spontaneous call for cocktails in the lobby or a next-day recovery brunch? Our in-built SMS function ensures your guests are notified instantly. Gain direct communication with your cirlce to make announcements, event updates or just send a welcoming text that can be scheduled ahead of time through the platform.


Take the guesswork out of trying to organize group events with your guests by posting a poll! Trying to coordinate responses from all our guests through mainstream communication channels is messy and time consuming. Instead, simply post a poll to coordinate and understand your guests when planning events for them.